Triple 'C' Carvers

Sarnia, Ontario

Our Triple C Carvers History

The two founders of the Triple "C" Carving Club, Bob Gall and John Schols, who were members of the Corunna Carving Club decided that there was a need for a carving club in Sarnia, "proper" area and would meet in the morning or afternoon hours rather than in the evening. It is a more acceptable time of day for older people and retirees, especially during the winter months.

With these needs in mind the Co-founders of the club arranged for the club to meet at King George VI School for the first meeting in early September 1987. The first meeting was attended by 6 people, Bob Gall, John Schols, Fred King, Vern Rogers, Don Wiles and Ross Rankin and we were on our way.

The club was to meet weekly from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM in the school and there were no guidlines. You could carve whatever you liked, with whatever tools you liked and any way you wanted. The whole idea was for people who liked to work with wood, to meet together and exchange ideas or just meet and enjoy coffee and renew old acquaintances from days at work. Some came from Imperial Oil, Dow Chemical, Polysar and numerous other businesses in the Sarnia area including farming.

By word of mouth and some modest advertising, the club has grown substantially to a membership list of over 100 members with an average attendance at meetings of between 60 and 65 carvers including a list of 27 ladies. The first lady was Glennie Wallace and then the others followed. We pick up new members every time we put on a demonstration at some function or show. We have an excellent club and everyone enjoys each others company and we also learn from each other.

As a club we have participated in many of the area shows and demonstrated our carving abilities in birds, human figures, caricatures and animal figures. For example we have attended the AnnualHobbyfest in July since it began, the Lambton Heritage Museum on the Return of the Swans at Grand Bend for the past 5 or 6 years. Our work is visible at St. Joesph's Hospital, The Hospice, City Hall and The Sportsman Hall of Fame. We also show tell at the local nursing homes and seniors residences. Look around Sarnia and you will see the Triple "C" Carvers.

Some of the members sell their carvings, others carve and give their work away to family and friends, and some of our carvinings are donated as prizes or gifts. Members of our club have earned ribbons as shows all over South Western Ontario and in Michigan, U.S.A. As the saying goes "We do good work".